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Download pubg mobile 0.15 update release date. Thanks to Instagram of all places, we now know the PUBG Mobile patch release date is scheduled for Oct. 16, Most of the included tweaks and features have been spilling out from the Chinese version of the game over the last few weeks, so it’s good to see Tencent hyping up the wider release with clear images of the upcoming features. PUBG Mobile is scheduled to receive its version update on October The update will bring along new features to the ever-popular shooting game including an Author: Aman Rashid.

ORIGINAL: Tencent has taken PUBG Mobile servers down tonight as they prepare for the launch of patch This new PUBG Mobile update is scheduled to launch on October 16.

The release date for update has been revealed. It will roll out on October 16, according to PUBG Mobile India Instagram. How To Identify Hackers In PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile Is Handing Out Ten Years Ban To Cheaters. PUBG Mobile Release date, top features, everything else to know about next big update PUBG Mobile will roll out the long-awaited update on October Here’s everything you need to know about the next big update.

PUBG Mobile is gearing up for a big update. The latest update will roll out on November 8. Unlike previous updates, PUBG Mobile says. PUBG Mobile Update release date was set for October 16, and that’s today! While Fortnite The End Event opens up a whole new chapter in the Battle Royale extravaganza, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds new update comes with several hot features as well.

PUBG Mobile update will be available on 8th November After that update, Royal Pass season 9 will be removed from the game, and the Royal Pass section will remain locked until Season 10 arrives. As you can see the patch note is saying- patch note. PUBG Mobile Release Date All About Update Leaks In PUBG Mobile After PUBG Mobile with a wide range of new features, players will now get more excited when. The update will bring the new season into the sport alongside new weapons and vehicles which will be energizing for its players.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 As for things with any new season, the PUBG Mobile Season 15 will likewise bring new vehicle skins, weapon finish, parachutes, acts out, and new edges.

PUBG Mobile is going to need something big to keep its players staying with the game. That “something big” is the update with a bunch of new features, a new weapon, and a new vehicle.

Recently, the release date for this update has been revealed by PUBG Mobile. Published on If you want to early test modes and use the new features of an upcoming update, then it’s the great time as the PUBG. PUBG Mobile patch is set to release on November 8, There won’t be any server downtime as the patch goes live, and you won’t need to download the patch through your device’s app store.

Just launch the game once the patch goes live, and it’ll do the tiny download itself. PUBG Mobile is expected to experience major maintenance for the global version on October 15th in order to add more features to the game.

PUBG Mobile will. The release date of the next PUBG Mobile major update has been’ll launch on Oct. 16, according to the game’s official Indian Instagram. PUBG Mobile Update will be going to released on October 16th, So lets find out what is in pubg mobile beta version that can be a part of global version of the start from the new mode that will allow players to fly helicopters in pubg Payload.

And the latest info confirms that the new PUBG Mobile update will be released on Octo. That means that the new build for Android and iOS is just a. Posted Sept. 12,p.m. As per previous reports, PUBG Mobile was expected to receive a new update. Now, the developers have confirmed that the. The official Twitter handle of the popular mobile Battle Royale game has been dropping some of the new features that will be arriving with this new update.

And although we don't know the exact date of the release of PUBG Mobile update, however, we do know that it will arrive this month itself. Let's take a look at what's new in this update. PUBG Mobile Season 17 Update Release Date and Time. PUBG Mobile Season 17 is expected to release on Janu, globally at 2 AM (UTC +0), although an official announcement has not been made.

Home Games PUBG Mobile Update Release Date and Erangel Coming Soon Virender Verma Novem There are new leaks and rumors on the way and the most exciting one is that PUBG Mobile update may release on December 16 with New Season. From what has been posted, the new PUBG Mobile update will be released on Octo. That means that the new build for Android and iOS is just a week away from launching for some fans.

We even got a little hint at the release date earlier this year, when Tencent confirmed their plans to feature a new event, which finishes on. 👉 Get Elite Pass & Diamond 👈 Free Diamond every half hour(Win 1 Diamond Every half hour without any work.) Lucky Spin and get a Diamond Daily Extra Bo. In our earlier post we told you about the PUBG Mobile Season 10 and the update features. The update has started being rolling out on November 8, and it is going to be in-game update. This time the developers are not taking down the servers offline during this update.

PUBG Mobile Lite Update release date and time. The PUBG Mobile Lite update will be released on 13th May and it will be released at AM IST (+ GMT). The update will add. The new update is set to hit the popular battle royale title PUBG Mobile in just a few hours from now. Ahead of the latest version going live, game developers have released the official. Maybe the PUBG Mobile update will be rolled out as an in-game update tomorrow, followed by update App Store update at a later date.

Vodafone Rs Prepaid Recharge Now Ships With. PUBG Mobile ’s update is going to be a huge one with a bunch of exciting stuff such as the Payload mode, BRDM vehicle, helicopters. PUBG Mobile. The forthcoming PUBG Mobile Season 17 update is expected to release on Janu. However, we suggest you take this piece of information as a pinch of salt since the company hasn’t announced the date officially.

Much like after each Season, the Royale Pass section will be locked until the developers push out a new in-game. 16 hours ago  FAU-G Mobile Update: Download game link, release date and other details revealed FAU-G is all slated to be released by the end of the year as PUBG Mobile India’s launch is delayed well into March FAU-G is reportedly slated to be released by the end of as it looks to capitalise on the delay of PUBG Mobile India to March   The release date for the version update for PUBG MOBILE is universally known to be on October 16 and there are a couple of new features expected.

PUBG MOBILE already revealed that the ledge grab and exploding gas canisters are coming with the update as the big ones. However, we were expected to wait till October 16 to find out. PUBG Mobile Update Release Date: The PUBG Mobile update is expected to be released around 24th April and will be adding a lot of new features. Some players are confusing it with the.

Recently, PUBG Mobile confirmed the release date for the update on its social media handles. What's more, the first-ever PUBG Mobile exclusive map, Livik, will also launch with the update.

PUBG Mobile is scheduled to come out on Octo, in the stable release channel. If you would like to try out some of these features, you can download PUBG Mobile   PUBG Mobile update is expected to release on Novem, a few days before Season 16 update goes live.

However, an official announcement is yet to be made by the officials. PUBG Mobile UPDATE Release date, maps, changes, new content, patch notes, Golden Mirado, Mad Miramar, news, new currency, rumours, Season 13 & more.

PUBG Mobile release date. The release of update for PUBG Mobile will be held on July 7, This will bring many different features. The size of the update will be approximately 2 gigabytes. The update will be available on the Google Play and App Store platforms from Apple. PUBG Mobile Update Release Date: Now, some players are still confusing PUBG Mobile Update with the update that added the Arctic Mode in the game.

It is important to note that the PUBG Mobile Update will be released separately. Tencent has not announced the official release date for the new update. PUBG Lite Update Release Date - Check the PUBG Lite Update Release Date Here and PUBG Mobile Lite update Payload was released on 10th October.

The beta version of PUBG update can be downloaded. Payload was added recently, and players can now try out this new game mode. The size of this update is around MB. Scroll down to read more about PUBG lite update. PUBG Update Mobile Vehicle repair packs and the air raid locator are some of the major parts of this new pubg update.

Also, the most interesting update, i.e. Adding of the helicopter in PUBG mobile will be done in this update. Also, there are some rumors that we can see a new mode in the arcade section. PUBG Mobile update will be based on Runic Power themed gameplay.

The post PUBG Mobile Update: Release date, Extreme Hunt. Pubg Mobile Update beta All new features. Release date Update expected Release date is 12th February.

They might take the server offline for this update because there are so many new things coming in this update. PUBG Mobile update release date. In a tweet on the official PUBG Mobile handle, the developers have revealed the PUBG Mobile update will be released on June Keeping previous.

PUBG Mobile update release date announced Gaming The PUBG Mobile developers have shared a new tweet which announces that the upcoming update.

Read on more about the PUBG Lite New Update and the PUBG Mobile Lite Features and also PUBG Lite New Update Date from the information provided below. PUBG Lite New Update The PUBG Mobile Lite update has come up with some several added features to as it is the Holidays, they have come up with a Holiday and winter themed. PUBG Mobile update is launching this week and is set to include some important changes for the game, as well as the release of the Season 15 Pass Royale.

One of the most eye-catching changes is the launch of the revamped Erangel map, which will boast new visuals and POIs, such as forgotten trenches, tree-trunk barriers, abandoned tanks and bunkers. PUBG Mobile Update Release date and time The PUBG Mobile Update live servers hit globally on 10th November, as like as previous update, is expected to roll out from PM IST onwards. The size of the update is around MB for android devices may it varies on user device. - Pubg Mobile 0.15 Update Release Date Free Download © 2012-2021